Online Exhibition History



American Juried Art Salon: 22nd biannual international exhibition, Spring/Summer 2015.

Art Kudos international juried art exhibition:

A Singular Creation Art Community: 2nd quarterly online juried exhibition, “Nature”, February 2013.  

Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery, “Open a New Year” online juried exhibition, January-February 2018. HONORABLE MENTION.  

Colors of Humanity Art Gallery:

  • Landscapes” online juried exhibition, October 2017.
  • Botanicals” online juried art exhibition, August 2017.  SECOND PLACE.  
  • Landscapes” online juried exhibition, October 2016.  
  • Wet Paint” online juried exhibition, September 2016.  
  • Animals” online juried exhibition, November 2015.  
  • Botanicals” online juried exhibition, August 2015: BEST OF SHOW.  
  • Landscapes” online juried exhibition, October 2014. 

Contemporary Art Gallery Online:

  • All Abstraction” online juried art competition, October 2017.  COMPETITION WINNER.
  • All Landscapes” online juried art competition, March 2015.  
  • Color” online juried art exhibition, October 2014.  SECOND PLACE

Fusion Art:

Light, Space & Time Online Gallery:

  • Abstracts” online juried art exhibition, March 2017.  SPECIAL MERIT AWARD. 
  • Seasons” online juried art exhibition, September 1-30, 2016: FIFTH PLACE, Painting & Other category; TENTH PLACE Overall Winning Artists category
  • Nature” online juried art exhibition, August 2015: SPECIAL MERIT AWARD.  
  •  Abstracts” Online Juried Art Exhibition, June 2015 (Painting & Other category).  
  • Nature” Online Juried Art Exhibition, November 2014: SPECIAL MERIT AWARD. 
  • Botanicals”  Online Juried Art Exhibition, July 2014: SPECIAL MERIT AWARD.  
  • Landscapes”  Online Juried Art Exhibition, June 2014: special recognition, Painting & Other category.  
  •  “Seasons”  Online Juried Art Exhibition, January 2014: THIRD PLACE, Painting & Other category; SIXTH PLACE, Overall Winning Artists category.
  • Countryside”  Online Juried Art Exhibition, December 2013: NINTH PLACE
  • Animals”  Online Juried Art Exhibition, October 2013: SPECIAL MERIT AWARD.  
  • Landscapes” Online Juried Art Exhibition, September 2013: SPECIAL MERIT AWARD.  
  • Botanicals” 2013 Online Juried Art Exhibition, August 2013, special recognition.  
  • Cityscapes” Online Juried Art Exhibition, July 2013: SPECIAL MERIT AWARD category and Painting category. 
  • Seascapes” Online Juried Art Exhibition, May 2013, special recognition
  • Nature” Online Juried Art Exhibition, March 2013: SPECIAL MERIT AWARD/
  • All Women” Online Juried Art Exhibition, February 2013: SECOND PLACE, Mixed Media Category; FOURTH PLACE, Overall Winning Artists Category.  

Maryland Federation of Art:

Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, 2017 Online Members’ Show

Project30, January 2016 online publicly juried exhibition.  

8th Annual Paint the Parks Competition, Coutts Museum of Art, El Dorado, KS, 2014: HONORABLE MENTION, Mini category.